Thoughts on Leading a Creative Enterprise

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My entire career has been spent in the creative business – 36 years as an architect, interior designer, planner, product designer and strategic planner followed by 8 years consulting to architects, engineers and product companies.  I’ve written a book on the subject, Long-cycle Strategies for a Short-cycle World, which has already been republished once and will need updating again before long.  Leadership has been a key ingredient of the success of the firm I was with and those with whom I consult today.  I guess you could say that I’ve become a fair student of the subject over the years.  In fact, I’m passionate about the subject!  Which led me to posting my thoughts on a blog.  Seems more current than writing another book and it allows a dialog to begin.  Many of the posts on this blog site were originally published in The Zweig Letter, a publication of ZweigWhite.  I invite your thoughts and comments on the articles I have posted and will continue to post from time to time.

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Ed Friedrichs

1 Response to Blog

  1. Julie Kilgore says:

    Hello Ed, I appreciate how generously you share your knowledge, I know I will learn much from you!

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